Sunday, 21 January 2007

Frequently asked questions

What is PÖNK?

PÖNK is the label under which I, Hazel Dean, publish my clothings in Second Life.

Where can I get PÖNK items?

Visit my shops! Currently there are two of them:

How do I find out about newly released items?

Just visit my blog:

In world you can become member of pOenKrz, the group for PÖNK aficionados in SL.

What means BETA or UPGRADE?

Those terms are usually known to be used with websites and software. BETA means the product has not reached a final state. UPGRADE means the product has been improved since the last version. As I am never fully satisfied with what I am doing, I will do changes to all of my designs over the time, whereever I think it is needed. If you have bought any PÖNK item which has been upgraded it is my wish that you get the new version, too. So here is my deal:

• Make a snapshot of you wearing the item (it must be identifyable)

• Send me the snapshot
AND give me permission to publish it on the internet,
• Publish it yourself at flickr or snapzilla or any fotocommunity
AND the tags and/or comments contain the word "PÖNK" (or "POENK")


You can also do this in advance, so: If you do as described before, I will send you the upgrade as soon as I put it on sale! Remember: FOR FREE!

I like the PÖNK style but I really need a special skirt/shirt/whatever you dont have.
Do you do individual designs?

Yes I do. Contact me!

I do similar designs but have no shop to sell them.
Can you help me?

Yes I can. Contact me! PÖNK can sell other peoples designs as well. As long as I like them, of course ;-)

I have a question that is not written in this FAQ. What can I do?

Just contact me, silly! :-D

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