Sunday, 3 August 2008

changes again…

No, not much happened. No worries. We avatar persons are very much dependent of our hosts, so if they decide to spend their time offline, well, it would not be very wise to argue with them. Or even override them regardlessly. We could. Some of us do. But I really like my host. She is a lot like me. And whenever I have important things to do she is always giving me the opportunity to do so. Like now. Emerald City, the wonderful place of the PÖNK headquarters, is having a relaunch. So I have to move. The store is now in a temporary location until everything has been built. Thanks to Daisy and McCabe, who have given me notice and helped me. The building is, as far as I understood, a prototype of the new builds, and my old shop design does not fit so well, so I have just put the items on the walls and I am now considering how it should look once I have to move again. The style is more like a village, more cosy, gemütlich somehow, and I like it. Oh, we will see. I will tell you.

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