Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New PÖNK store!

new poenk store

Here is the SLurl for the new store!

Murdock is a quite nice city sim with some shops, appartments and a couple of hangouts. Worth a visit. I would love to meet you here!

But there is more to it. Drama, tragedy, catastrophe, disaster, epic loss! This is not any additional store, its the headquarter. What happened to the old one you might ask? Well, the beautyful village theEC, as well as the whole sim where it was located, is gone. ass up. confuckulated. fubar. hosed. whockerjawed!
my shop is gone.this sim is a mess – byebye, EC!
Apparently the owner has quite simply disappeared. The actual loss is that the citizens have lost their homes, rather than any lost builds. It had been painful to find every single prim called "object" in the lost and found folder but after a couple of days I was able to get everything back together an opened the store at Murdock.

I still miss that place, but I am also glad about the new store, as it seems the traffic at Murdock is a little higher which might result in more sales. The store itself is not much bigger, but it has more prims and I was able to add a dressing room upstairs, which is what I wanted to have for a long time… I also added a t-shirt-spender with a FREE PÖNK shirt! So come by and grab it!

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