Thursday, 11 December 2008

Yet another digital self…

There are quite a few virtual worlds to be found online, and even if I am quite happy in Second Life, I am curious about what other worlds there are. The main problem is the computer. mine is obviously the wrong one, as most clients are not running on a mac. From time to time I am able to use the computer of a friend for these reasons, but she is anxious about installing so much software on it so the only other world I got to try out yet is Twinity (Maybe you have heard of it already, as other people write about it, too: here, here, here and here f.e.). I think it is pretty cool that they are actually trying to rebuild the real world. The only existing place until now is Berlin, which is even better as that's where I am from, LOL! The next cities to be opened are Singapore and London.

After you have created your account (I was able to use my name, btw…), you can download the (windows-)software and log in. In the landing area you will always find a couple of people who will help you, so that it's no problem to find out how to walk and these things. The avatars do not look as beautyful as some classy SL shapes and skins, but the newbie-look is less ugly than in SL, so you don't feel as bad walking around like a Ruth amongst models! The clou is that you can upload a picture of you which then gets drawn onto your face. Of course I had to try that for myself:

This is the image I have uploaded:

EGGHEAD! by you.

This is what you have to do then:

face upload. by you.

And this is the result, which can be tweak in oh so many ways:

ready. ambiguous. by you.

Mmmh. I am not 100% happy, but it is not too bad. In a way it looks like a mix of my SL-avatar and my RL-self, which seems fair, as the Twinity-Berlin looks like a mix of SL and RL, too!

I will continue to visit Twinity and even if lacks quite a few things of SL (no flying, no own builds), it still feels really nice and I already rented a flat there, which I will use as a secret art gallery. And I will continue to talk about it! Yay!

[update] I just found out: Botgirl was quicker! /me waves!
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