Sunday, 18 February 2007

DEE (beta)


DEE is set containing gloves, shirt, bustier, panties, leggings, pants, stockings and boots. The material is 100% synthetic without crinkles, gleam or cut details.

DEE is basically an angled tartan texture applied on the different clothing types, and it is sold "AS IS", so you cannot modify it.

DEE definately is beta. There will be a complete tartan outfit with added details and adjusted outlines in the future. For now it is rather meant to give you something to combine parts of it with your favourite dress.

The price of 90 L$ is reasonable for a set of 8 articles, especially if you consider the possibility to get later versions (which will have to be more expensive) for free (read the FAQ).

I am addicted to tartan textures myself so you can expect many more similar designs later.

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